Riding high on Dreams!


By Hindustan Times
NEW DELHI, Oct. 26 -- He has left no stone unturned in promoting his ambitious project, RA.One, and now that judgment day has arrived, actor Shah Rukh Khan, 45, is hoping for the best.
"Too much has been made of RA.One promotion. I've got a product and I got to inform the public about it. One has to realise it is a special dream film and a mix of all genres together. I did not make a R150 crore film just like that. It's an emotional experience," says SRK. "I don't think if I'll ever be able to make a film like this again...I was watching it and I got tears in my eyes. Hopefully, it'll be liked by the public. I hope I'm able to live up to the trust of everyone otherwise they'll lynch me," he adds in his signature witty style.
The film has also taken inspiration from several Hollywood superhero flicks, some listed below:
Apart from similarities of costume in the Tron franchise with those in RA.One, SRK's film plot seems a total reverse of the Tron films. While in those films, the protagonist gets sucked in virtual reality, in RA.One, the characters enter the real world from a game.
Terminator:Judgment Day
A 'reforming' scene in the movie suggests a straight lift from this Hollywood blockbuster. SRK doesn't deny the same. "The scene, in a way, is definitely inspired from T2. The film actually has a lot of take off from that because it was the best I saw," he says.
Three scenes in RA.One trailer -one where G.One is sitting near a flagpost in a certain posture, other where his back from a top building and third, where he uses his power are quite similar to those of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2.
GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra
The car blowing scenes seen in RA.One resemble the ones in GI Joe and SRK doesn't shy away from accepting the same.
Batman Begins
In the second poster of RA.One, SRK is carrying Kareena Kapoor in his arms. The scene bears a stark resemblance to that of Christia Bale-Katie Holme starrer, Batman Begins.
'The Man of Steel''s wrinkle-free skin, blue eyes and super-breath can be easily noticed in SRK's character, G.One. "I wanted the superhero to be different so we gave him no wrinkles and blue eyes to stand out," SRK says.
Iron Man
One can't help but notice similarities in the Hertz Advanced Resonance Transmitter (HART) in G.One's costume and the arc reactor in Iron Man. Then, there's the entry sequence of both the superheroes which looks exactly the same. But, SRK dismisses them. "When I saw Iron Man, I was initially scared that it'll be compared to it but honestly the film was written five years ago," Shah Rukh says.