REVELATION: The day I met Saif, in my mind I was married to him: Kareena


By Hindustan Times
Brunch Dialogues: Session Two
Topic for discussion: The Changing Face of the Indian Heroine
Moderator: Vir Sanghvi
Panelists: Sharmila Tagore, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
The Heroine star spoke her heart out during the second session of Brunch Dialogues 2012. Kareena, who is expected to tie the knot with beau Saif Ali Khan on October 16, said: "The day I met Saif, in my mind I was married to him," adding, "I wouldn't sacrifice my work for my love, I wouldn't sacrifice my love for my work after marriage."
Bebo also revealed that Saif apparently can't see her with any other man, not even on sceen: "Saif never wants to see my movies."
Kareena Kapoor also addressed SharmilaTagore as 'mother-in-law' for the first time in public.
On professional front, Kareena admitted that she entered Bollywood as Karisma's younger sister: "I felt like Karisma's younger sister when entering Bollywood instead of a Kapoor."
Other quotable quotes:
"Priyanka Chopra in Saat Khoon Maaf and Barfi are first of their kind roles."
"I often walk in the bylanes of Bandra without being mobbed."
"Abhishek and I went on the sets of Refugee not knowing what would happen that day."
"Would you give us our first Lara Croft? - it all sounds like a lot of hard-work."
Sharmila Tagore
While Kareena didn't hesitate to call her mother-in-law, Sharmila, too, feels Bebo is the right match for son Saif. "Saif is very lucky to be getting married to Kareena," the actress said.
She also got candid about her marriage with late cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. "Getting married didn't affect my career so much. Wasn't a victim of the trappings of stardom." She added: "Tiger liked Vyjayanthimala from Bollywood but never saw any of my movies.”
Sharmila also took this opportunity to comment on cinema of today: "Things have changed only superficially, choices are traditional even now. No roles for older women written."
Nostalgic Sharmila:
"In our times films took three years to make.”
"Vamp was sometimes even more interesting and layered than the heroines.”
"Once in a village, looking for the toilet, I was allowed to use it in someone's house but the vamp with me wasn't allowed in."
"Except for Shashi Kapoor, every hero- be it Sanjeev Kumar or Rajesh Khanna- came late on the sets"
Karisma Kapoor
One would think Karisma would definitely have got advantage of her last name but the actress disagreed: "It didn't help being a Kapoor in Bollywood."
She also remembered her grandfather: "Raj Kapoor wasn't against women from their family working in Bollywood," adding, "Raj Kapoor would be fine with me doing the sexy songs."
Other quotes:
"Sexy sexy created an uproar on TV in the '90s. Sexy is a common word now!"
"With Akshay Kumar in a movie, the director asked us to make dialogues on our own and the movie turned a hit!"
"It's not a risk anymore for a married heroine with kids to act in movies anymore."