Remo Fernandes: 'I can't do chamchagiri'


Mumbai, July 20 -- Remo Fernandes shot to fame in 1987, with his hit song, 'Jalwa'. The Goa-based singer went on to deliver chartbusters like 'Humma humma', 'Pyar to hona hi tha' and an album, 'O meri munni'. Then, he laid low for years till 'Maria pitache' in David happened. And now, he seems to be making a comeback of sorts with Luv U Soniyo and Kaizad Gustad's next.
Is it true that you composed the Luv U Soniyo title track in a night?
If a song comes to your mind and you're inspired, it takes a few hours to make it. But when the inspiration isn't there, you have to struggle. So the day Joe Rajan (director) got in touch, I came up with basic tune that night itself.
You've had a lot of hits, but haven't worked much in Bollywood. Why is that?
I've always been open about my criticism of plagiarism, scripts and mediocre acting. And I was afraid that I'd never be able to do the kind of 'chamchagiri' (flattery) needed to survive. So I rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I can't blame them, but my life in Goa was more important to me.
Do you feel you are too choosy?
If I'm asked to do a full song or am producing it myself, everything is under control and I don't have to be choosy. How the film is going to be is not in my control and isn't my concern either.
Will we hear more of you now?
That depends on producers and directors. They have to come to me. I live in Goa and don't come here to network.
What do you think of the new crop of Bollywood singers?
I've been hearing many voices that are fresh, and have the energy of a new kind of music. Finally, there's serious singing happening in Bollywood.
Have you been completely cut off from Bollywood's music scene?
Yes. I was. And that's when Bejoy (Nambiar) came to me. I was elated when I realised that directors of my own generation didn't realise my potential, But the new generation is coming to me.
Are you re-recording your first album?
Yes, it's my first album, which was released in Goa in 1984. It was recorded using basic equipment, and my knowledge of music was also limited. But the songs are good. Goans love the album, so it will now be in a fully digital format.