RA.ONE to have 2D and 3D release!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Oct. 5 -- Director Anubhav Sinha, who is set to create a superhero of international standards with G.One in actor Shah Rukh Khan's ambitious sci-fi project RA.One, reveals that the film will now be completely in 3D and around 2,000 technicians have been engaged from around the world to finish off the heavyduty post-production.
"The mixing, visual effects, 3D transformations are going on throughout the day. Two thousand people have been engaged out of which 1,500 people are working round-the-clock in Mumbai, Chennai, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Canada, China and other places," says Sinha. RA.One, which was initially planned to be partly in 3D, will also have a 2D release. "More than half of the film has been turned into 3D and it is looking awesome," he says.
And to ensure that everything goes according to plan, Sinha is coordinating with technicians through high-end video conferencing technology, cinesynch. He says, "There is a technology called cinesynch. Through it, we show our work virtually and review each other's clips. We can all look at the same clip and point out problems. It's a virtual meeting that takes place every alternate day. It starts around 9.30 pm at night and goes till 4.30-5 am."
Sinha has put in a lot of research in designing the suit too. He says, "I went through the entire libraryof superheroes to see what had not been made into a film. I even wrote a 23-page document to the designer explaining what I was looking for, with images sketched. It took two to three months to design the suit and same amount of time to make it."
RA.One releases on October 25. But the director says that he too won't be able to see the complete film before October 15, since the technicians would need that much time to complete it.