Ranbir Kapoor’s painful kiss!


By Hindustan Times

Ranbir Kapoor was injured during the first take of the kissing scene between him and newcomer Ileana D’Cruz for their upcoming film Barfi.

Luckily, director Anurag Basu didn’t need to shoot the scene again as the take was perfect. So how did the actor get hurt? Co-producer Rucha
Pathak says, “In the shot, after the kiss, Ranbir was supposed to get up, but little did we realise that the camera equipment was very close to him. He got up and hit his head on the cutter’s stand. He got injured and had to be rushed to a doctor for stitches.”

Pathak adds, “It was a rainy day and we had to use lighting for the shot, which is why there was a lot of equipment around.

Usually, the cutter’s stand is never this close to an actor. Though we were all glad that we were able to capture the shot in one take. Had it not been perfect, we would have had to shoot it again.”

Ranbir rested the next day as the injury was on his forehead.

The Ranbir–Ileana kiss will be shown in the film’s new promo later this week in a new song titled Main kya karoon.