Ranbir bonds with Bhutia!


By Hindustan Times
Actor Ranbir Kapoor was recently in the Capital to take part in an initiative to promote sports among youngsters. There he met ace football player Baichung Bhutia and the two bonded instantly, even though they met each other for the first time. Ranbir, being an avid sports fan, also got onto the field with Baichung. Not only were the two completely involved in the game but also grew close during the course of the event and decided to stay in touch.
Says a source: “Ranbir loves football and he is pretty good at it as well. It was a treat to have Bhutia play with him on the field. The two got along well and Bhaichung was also seen showing Ranbir some moves. They bonded over the game and have decided to meet again and talk about sports at leisure.”
Ranbir has been a football fan since childhood and was even seen showing some of the tactics he knows. Ranbir says: “Sports has become big in the hearts and minds of Indians now, especially after the success of our athletes and sportstars at the Olympics and the recently-held Commonwealth Games. I really believe this is a great initiative to catalyse the sports arena and spread awareness about sports and fitness in order for them to become a part of our daily lives. The best way to do this is to make sports a part of every child’s school curriculum.”