Ram Charan shoots at his own horse stable for Zanjeer


By Hindustan Times
South star Ram Charan Teja is apparently a very helpful man to have around. The actor has opened the doors of his privately owned horse stable to the makers of his Hindi debut film, Zanjeer, for a shoot. Known for performing his own horse riding stunts in his films down south, this is the first
time the actor will allow this space to be captured on screen.
Apoorva confirms the news saying, “Yes, not only has he agreed to let us shoot in his stable, but has also allowed us to use the horses. We will also build a separate stable, which will be used for a particular stunt. Ram Charan and his wife Upasana both suggested this, so that we wouldn’t have to shoot the stunt portion elsewhere. We plan to shoot it on November 17.”
“Horses have always fascinated me and horse riding is an experience like no other,” confesses Ram Charan. Not many know that he is a professional horse rider and owns as many as 25 thorough bred horses. “He is also the owner of a polo team. He is very passionate about horses and takes good care of them,” adds Apoorva.
Promotional song with Priyanka Chopra
Bollywood films and song and dance always go hand in hand but surprisingly Ram Charan wont be seen indulging in the same, in his Hindi debut. Lakhia says, “He’s is a fabulous dancer but as his character is serious in the film, he wont be dancing. But the fans won’t miss out as we plan to show off his dancing skills in a promotional song with Priyanka Chopra.”