Rajnikanth returns to Bollywood!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 30 -- Southern superstar Rajnikanth, after his Tamil Robot (2010) was dubbed in Hindi, has started filming Rana with Deepika Padukone in Chennai. But not many know that the actor will also be seen on the big screen in the near future with 'Shotgun' Shatrughan Sinha.

It's a full-on Hindi Bollywood movie. Except it was shot over a decade ago. The film is called Takraar.

It was partially shot by director Harmesh Malhotra, who passed away in 2005. Now, six years later, yesteryear actor Reena Roy's brother, Raja Roy, has decided to take the project forward and release it, hopefully by the end of the year. Raja says, "I stumbled upon the movie and found the subject and the star combination extremely interesting. I'm really kicked that I will soon be working with Rajni Sir and Shatruji." Raja even says that he has been in touch with Rajni for the project that revolves around two individuals with conflicting ideologies whose paths cross.

The director recently got his finances approved after a wait of over six months, and work on the film has begun. "I intend to complete it soon and present it to the audience that hasn't seen the stars together since Asli Naqli (1986)," says Raja. "This combination is saleable even today. Rajni sir's thumping successes are enough proof of that."

Plans are to announce Takraar's revival on Shatrughan Sinha's Bhojpuri reality show, Ke Bani Karodpati, in Kolkata. Sinha, when asked, was thrilled to know that one of his oldest projects was on its way back to the studios. "I'll be the happiest if the film's promotions start on my show. Rajnikanth is a favourite everywhere. And I would welcome him and Raja on the show," he adds. Raja seconds Sinha, adding, "I'll promote the film in a way that suits the stature of my heroes and the project. Plans and talks are on in full swing."