Priyanka, Lara: Joote do..


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 6 -- Wakey wakey, my crispy pakodas and pakodis! I know the sky's kinda cloudy and you want to laze around your sheets a while longer. But if you ask me, it doesn't look like it's going to pour billis and kutta kameenas so early in the day. So rise forth and read on for the chatpata nuggets from glamour gaon, that are sure to drive away your Monday morning blues. Here you go...

It's not every day that a star commits their loyalty to a brand or product even before the big launch. But when a star is the brains behind it, then you can be assured of a loyal clientele from your friendly colleagues. That's why Lara Dutta has no worries about starting her own footwear line.

I'm informed that the first pair from the former Miss Universe's new venture has already been booked, by another beauty no less. Well, according to Sher Lock Holmes, it's none other than the ex Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, who made her big Bollywood debut years ago with Lara in Andaaz.

Undeterred by the speculation of their rivalry, the two lissome lasses are said to get along very well with each other. So much so that they'd often hang around together after wrapping up the day's work on Don 2 in Germany, recalls my super sleuth.

Interestingly, PC has very valid reasons to pick Lara's designer shoe range. Seems she's confessed to common friends that her saheli has great taste and she'd always been eager to check out La Dutta's shoes. So when she learnt that her sakhi was launching her own shoe line, Chopra booked the first pair to be sold out. I won't be surprised if their favourite song these days is: Joote de do, paise le lo... Hai na?