Priyanka goes Gaga!


By Hindustan Times
India, Aug. 9 -- Oh, here's my antarashtriya khabri telling me something about Priyanka Chopra, currently in the US working on her debut music album.
That's old news! My khabri says that PC shares her music works' manager with her favourite Lady Gaga. So? So, chances are that she could be collaborating with her saheli on the album, which should release towards the end of the year or early next year.
Besides that, my khabri says that she and Gaga could be doing a music video together as well. And this is regardless of whether they collaborate on the album or not.
Believable, considering that their manager is the same and promotions are a must for every newcomer on the block! Cool! Will ask PC for details when she returns on the 11th of this month.