Preity Zinta: 'No one can replace my father'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 24 -- One of the articles that Preity says will be in the book quotes Shandar Amrohi as her "father".

The eldest son of filmmaker, Kamaal Amrohi had filed a case against daughter Rukhsar and her son, Waseem in the Bombay High Court for pledging his shares in Mahal Pictures Pvt Ltd (that owns the Kamaal Amrohi Studio) to a company in Pune. He had strong allies in his brother, Tajdar and 'adopted' daughter, Preity. He'd promised to make Preity a director in his company and will his Rs 600 crore property to her.

But the "self-made" actor took offense to his claims and tweeted, "No1 has or ever will adopt me or sign me a will. Things said in interviews and reported are far from facts as the proof is in the pudding (sic)." She threatened to take legal action if similar stories appeared. Amrohi then apparently deleted her from his biography and his will.

Says Preity, "I lost my father when I was very young and the only way I can keep him alive is to hold on to his memories. No one can replace him. Shandar Amrohi always said I was like his daughter, but that doesn't mean I am his daughter. I don't need anyone's money. Everything he said about me didn't have to make news."