Preity treats her fan to dahi puri!


By Hindustan Times
New Delhi, Oct. 25 -- That Preity Zinta is a Dahi Puri fan is something not many people know. But that she has to have the Dahi Puri from Elco market (Bandra) before every trip abroad and after coming back to the country is something that none of us know!
Well, now we do! The dimpled lass who's also known to have a big heart, gave her biggest fan, a Delhi based lad, Mandeep Singh, a chance to live her life for an entire day on Live My Life on UTV Stars.
And ever since she chose him to live her life, she kept telling the production guys: "I love the Elco Dahi Puri and I will make sure my fan also has it!" Turns out, she kept her promise.