The pregnancy clause dilemma!


By Hindustan Times

With director Madhur Bhandarkar shelving his dream project Heroine because of lead actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy, there is a new debate in the film industry on whether a no-pregnancy clause should be added in an actor’s contract. We spoke to various production houses and producers to know their take on the same. Here’s what they have to say.

Bhushan Kumar: I will support such a clause in film contracts. But the fact is that ours is a relationship-based industry and a no pregnancy clause cannot work here, unlike the West.

Mahesh Bhatt: Our film industry has always worked on the spoken word, which is regarded as the real contract. The word given by the producer to the actor and vice versa is considered sacred. To be honest, getting pregnant is a leading lady’s privilege. But the fact is that it is also the duty of the actor to see that she doesn’t jeopardise the entire film.

Vikram Malhotra (Viacom 18 Pictures): It is a small industry and though it is valid to protect the interest of the producer, instead of enforcing something in the contract, it is better to sit and sort it out.

Ekta Kapoor: “Though as a professional, I think having such a clause will be a right thing, but on a personal front, I think pregnancy is very special for any woman, and in such a situation, a producer can’t come in between.

Rafiq Gangjee (Yashraj Films): YRF is not planning on inserting any such clause in the contracts of our artistes.

Kumar Taurani: I’ve never faced such a situation in my career. But I don’t think one should insert such a clause because our industry works on trust and relationships.