Prabhu Deva gets Sonakshi drunk!


By Hindustan Times

The ace director and choreographer Prabhu Deva got Sonakshi Sinha apparently drunk on bhang while shooting the song Go Go Govinda in Akshay Kumar's next home venture Oh My God, and that too without Sona's knowledge.

A reliable source from the film crew says, "Prabhu Deva is a perfectionist. He knew that Sonakshi needed to go completely crazy while shooting the dance number since it's a Gokul Ashtami song. The song has such a mad vibe and Sonakshi was required to completely unleash herself."

The source adds, "Since Prabhu has worked with Sona in Rowdy Rathore, he very well knew that she doesn't drink. But their rapport is such that he made her drink bhang without her knowledge to get into the right mood. The entire crew drank bhang and told Sonakshi that it is thandai. It was only later when she got a bit tipsy that Sona found out that she had little bhang."

Did Sonakshi object when she found out? "Not at all. She shares a very good rapport with Parbhu Deva. She took it in a very sporting way. In fact she was glad that she had it because it helped her to dance freely."

Though Prabhu Deva was unavailable for comment but a source close to him confirmed the story.