Playing Tintin was daunting: Jamie Bell


By Hindustan Times
Filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson put on his shoulders a duty that millions would kill for — to play the lead in the The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. But, apart from the privilege to do so, English actor Jamie Bell, says, it was too much of a task to carry forward the legacy of the whippy haired Belgian scribe, and that too in the shadow of the two visionaries.
“It was pretty daunting,” says the actor in his stiff upper lip Brit accent, adding, “I mean you’re turning up with two of the world’s greatest directors, two of the biggest visionaries on the planet, and you are their title character in their new movie. So, in all honestly it was absolutely terrifying,” says the 25-year-old.
He adds, “However, you bridge that gap quite quickly because you share a common language, which is a love for Tintin. So as soon as you kind of start speaking that same language it becomes a lot of fun and collaborative,” says the actor, who has brought Tintin to life on the big screen through motion capture (mo-cap).
While Jackson had already mastered the technology after working on it in The Lords of the Rings trilogy, Spielberg used it for the first time ever in the Computer Generated 3D flick.
“These are the two filmmakers at the top of their game and this (performance capture) is a new technology for Steven. This is a new breed of filmmaking for him. So it was really enjoyable watching him figure it out. He’s a kid with a new toy. I mean, he is the pioneer of technology. He made CGI a household name. And I think he’ll do the same for performance capture with Tintin,” says Bell, who calls himself much of “an armchair traveller like (Tintin’s creator) Herge” than a real one.
“I travel through movies and my own experiences. If I can do it from a magazine, perfect, awesome,” he says with a smile.
More about Jamie…
Full name: Andrew James Matfin Jamie Bell
Age: 25
Debut: Billy Elliot (2000)
Known for: King Kong, Jumper, Defiance, The Eagle
Latest flick: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
Future projects: Man on a Ledge, Filth