To play a 15-year-old, I did see Guddi: Sonam


Bollywood actress and style diva Sonam Kapoor has said she wants to be remembered for her roles, not the movies or the money they make or the heroes with whom she pairs up.
In an interview with HT City, the actor talked about her style quotient, love for Uttar Pradesh handicrafts and cuisine, her acting graph and the forthcoming film, Raanjhanaa, which has brought her to the state.
In Raanjhanaa, she plays the girl-next-door. Dhanush makes his Bollywood debut with the movie. Does it matter to her? “It's not the hero that makes much of a difference. The script and the character are important. Ten years down the line I want to be known for my characters and not the heroes with whom I acted,” she said.
Be it Bittoo in Delhi-6, Aisha (Aisha), Simran (I Hate Luv Storys) people remember my roles well, irrespective of the movies or the money they made. People remember me as the Masakaali girl and that's what matters to me.”
Has Jaya Bhadhuri’s role as a teenage girl in Guddi inspired her? “To play a 15-year-old after a long time--- as I have been 15 for a while now --- you need a starting point. So I did see the film,” she said. Sonam is now looking forward to the success of the film that hits screens on June 21.
Despite her global celebrity appeal, Sonam said her love for Indian fabrics, crafts and Lucknow’s kebabs is undiluted. Dressed in an elegant Anarkali suit, Sonam said, “A couple of times I have been here were private visits. I last came here in 2011 to pick some clothes and fabrics. I love Lakhnawi crafts and have lots of stuff from this city in my wardrobe.”
“I like mukeish work and am fascinated with the whole idea of embroidery. My friend Shaila Khan has a workshop here and a lot of my clothes come from this place,” she said.
The shooting of Raanjhanaa, she said, took her to Varanasi for the first time. She said she felt some palpable energy in the holy city she had wanted to visit for a long time. A trained kathak dancer, she said Varanasi was a melting pot of various strains of classical music and gave her an exhilarating feeling.
“I thoroughly enjoyed food and buying sarees. My mom is a fashion designer and lot of her stuff comes from the city. She knows many old timers in Varanasi and that makes it a shopping haven for me,” said Sonam, calling herself a huge fan of Indian handicrafts, clothes.
"Indian artisans make some of the most incredible things in the world. I like discovering such handicrafts and experimenting with them.” She said.
Her style icons? “I, myself,” she said, adding, “I wear whatever I want to. Of course, I have a stylist and my sister helps me out. But I am a headstrong person and I wear what I want.”
Besides clothes Sonam loves to talk about food, especially the Lucknow's famed kebabs. “When my friend throws a party she calls chefs from this place and they are incredible. I can go on talking about food, but unfortunately I can't eat much. That doesn’t mean I don't eat at all. I do in a controlled manner,” she said.