Osama strikes again!


By Hindustan Times
Pradhuman Singh, last seen as the fake Osama Bin Laden in Tere Bin Laden, is working on three projects. One of those — a film that he is also scripting — is tentatively being called Cocaine. When asked, Singh says, “It’s an action film without the typical Bollywood, gun and grenade action. It’s the producer and first time director Guru Sharma’s idea. He approached me to write it two weeks ago. I gave him a script with a glimpse of the treatment and he loved it.”
The actor, who will play a negative character in the film, is now ready to write the screenplay. “Once that starts we will know which actors to cast. I’m on board already, but we don’t yet know who plays the central character. Initially, the idea was to have someone new but now, since we know that the character goes through strong transitions, we’ll need someone experienced,” says Singh.
Would he like to cast his Tere Bin Laden co-star Ali Zafar? “I can’t rule him out. Ali is a cute-looking guy and I know he’ll be able to pull off the character. But without the screenplay, we can’t zero in on the lead actor,” he says.
Singh and Zafar haven’t been in touch since the film released in June and went on to become one of the sleeper hits of the year. “It was disheartening to hear that it didn’t get a theatrical release in Pakistan. It was important because it featured the country’s top star. It had a story revolving around the country and had it released, it would have been one of the biggest hits of the year there,” Singh points out, adding, “It could have changed the way their industry approaches cinema.”
Singh has also been approached by several production houses for pivotal roles and he has apparently given the nod to two big ticket projects. When asked, he says, “It’s unfair to divulge details before signing on the dotted line. I can just tell you that they are both comedies.”