Numerologists on Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor's surnames


The newly-wed actors Kareena Kapoor and Vidya Balan, who have decided to add their husbands’ last names to their theirs, have now got a ‘go ahead’ from numerologists.
“According to cheiro numerology, Vidya’s name adds up to 7. If she changes it to Vidya Balan Roy Kapur, her name would add up to 9. This will boost her professional as well as personal life,” says astrologer Vikram Mehta.
“Kareena’s current name, as per pythagoras numerology, adds up to 5. When she changes it to Kareena Kapoor Khan, it would add up to 3 and fetch her great film offers,” predicts astrologer Nitin Manchanda. Astrologer Seema Midha suggests another change. “Kareena should add one more ‘h’ to Khan. This will prove best for her.”
Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani, however, differs. “The name Kareena Kapoor Khan will be disastrous for her. In case of Vidya too, her current name suits her the best numerologically,”.