No plans of turning director: Shahid Kapoor


By Hindustan Times
Shahid Kapoor insists working closely with Pankaj Kapur in his directorial debut Mausam, over the last two years has not only brought them together as father and son but also as actors.
“We were always close but sharing the same work space is different from hanging out at home. And it surprised me to discover just how similar we are in our approach to filmmaking,” says Shahid, who like his father has always been choosy about giving the nod to a film, having just 19 films to his credit (Paathshala, a special appearance) in eight years, as against his father’s 22 films in 29 years.
He admits that like the ‘perfectionist’ Pankaj he too is obsessed over the smallest details and has no regrets about giving a year to Mausam.
“The film is a decade-long journey with four distinctly different looks. There’s no way I could have juggled four films,” he reasons, adding, “It runs in the blood. Dad and share the same genes.”
Ask him to rate his father who has three National Awards (Raakh, Ek Doctor Ki Maut and Maqbool) to his credit as an actor and he says, “It’s rates a 100 on 100. In comparison I don’t even merit a 5. I just hope I get a few compliments for Mausam.”
Pankaj is sure he will. “Mausam is Shahid’s best performance to date and I’m not saying this just to sell the film,” asserts the debutant director, pointing out that the two-hour-42-minute epic love story that hasn’t had a single frame cut after the final edit, required a range of histrionics from his 30-year-old son who didn’t disappoint. “Shahid is a fine artiste who should focus on acting for the next 10 years. But someday, I think he will make a fine director too. He’s very creative and has a better understanding of commerce than I do.”
However, Shahid is in no hurry to move behind the camera. “After seeing all that dad has gone through, direction is the last thing on my mind,” he laughs, but says he’s open to the idea of sharing screen space with his dad in a film. “We could have done that in Mausam but it would have only added to his pressures. A short cameo would have disappointed people who would have expected to see more of us together. May be we can make them happy soon.”
Pankaj admits that he has been working on another script but says it could be a while before the film takes off because it requires ‘mature’ handling. Will this film bring him and Shahid together as actors? “That’s difficult to say now. Maybe before that film, some other director will cast us together.”