No animosity with Farah: Sonakshi Sinha


By Hindustan Times
Sonakshi Sinha has denied that Joker’s poor performance at the box office has led to any animosity between her and producer-director Farah Khan. Gossip mills were abuzz that all was not well between Farah Khan-Shirish and Akshay Kumar-Sonakshi, the lead actors of Kunder’s
Though Sonakshi had promoted the film, Akshay was conspicuously absent from the promotions. Recently, Farah had said that a star should stand by the film come what may, and that she will work with those who stand by the movie.
“I was part of promotions. It is wrong to point fingers that I have not promoted the film. I know things are being written about me as well. I don’t think the result of the box office changes the equation between two people. Farah is very cordial to me, she is very nice to me there is no animosity with her,” says Sonakshi, adding, “I have known Farah from before I interacted with Shirish when I signed the film. The working experience with Shirish was good. Farah is like an elder sister. It was wonderful to work with her when she was choreographing. She is jovial, full of life.”