Nikhil Dwivedi: 'I am choosy about roles'


By Hindustan Times
New Delhi, Oct. 27 -- Nikhil Dwivedi feels that every actor struggles in his own way. Even though it sounds like a cliche, he admits that he chooses his role very carefully.
"I struggled for a break and when I got one it didn't make a strong impact. I was scared to say yes to any role. Having said that I am still trying to work my way up in the industry As I said, my first movie didn't do well so had to start filtering work and it does seem a cliche these days when someone says I am choosy about roles but then in all honesty I really do choose them carefully."
The 34-year-old actor just wrapped up shooting for the movie Tamanchey opposite Richa Chadha. The My Name is Anthony Gonsales star seems very excited about his upcoming film. "It's a story of two outlaws, indulging in petty crimes, coming together and falling in love."
Nikhil, who married last year and whose film was shot extensively in Delhi recalls the street food in the city to be the best. "If I was not an actor I would have gone down those streets dialy and gorged on sweet potato or chola kulcha. The food here is so damn good! The place is pretty nice and people are also good here," he signs off.