My films are a slice of life: Bhandarkar


By Hindustan Times
Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, who was in the Capital recently to watch a fashion show, said he is always curious to see the latest trends, textures, and fashion styles. The 43-year-old filmmaker, who is reportedly making a sequel to his 2008 National Award winner, Fashion, was game
for a candid chat, however, refused to answer any questions on his controversial project Heroine.
Madhur Bhandarkar On strong female protagonist
When I make films, I always go for grey areas. I like to portray dark and edgy characters, who come from a middle class family. I’m also from the same class.
On his film Fashion’s relevance today
Some people from the fashion industry said I had shown things that do not exist. But, as a filmmaker, I’ve a right to portray things in whatever ways I want to.
On films’ research
I make a film after doing thorough research. For Fashion and Chandni Bar I attended 60-80 fashion shows and bars, and many parties for Page 3. My films are a slice of life.
On inspiration
As a filmmaker, I am a good observer. I like to meet people and connect with them. I like to put the character of my film in a very complex situation.
On choice of actors
I go according to the character. It’s not about choosing beauty over acting skills or the other way round. Whatever the role requires, I look for that.
On relationship with fashion industry
I’ve seen fashion world closely and I respect everyone involved in it. I really salute them for the kind of effort and brainstorming they put into it.