Music composer should not crave to sing songs: Sonu Nigam


Singer Sonu Nigam, who has turned music director, says a composer should not crave to sing songs. “I feel a composer should not crave to sing songs because songs itself decides its voice. The films where I have given music, I have kept my option for the last. I like to make music and not
necessarily singing all the songs," he said.
He has composed music for Jal with Vikram Ghosh. He has also given music for Super Se Upar and Singh Sahab The Great where he has done the title song. “I get a lot of offers. Many people asked me to give music," he added.
Known for singing mesmerising numbers Suraj hua maddham, Kal ho naa ho and Saathiya, the singer admits his passion for singing is intact. Sonu, who also tried his hand at acting, says at that time the audiences were not ready to accept singers as actors. "I feel at that time people were not ready to accept a singer as an actor. But now audiences are ready," said Sonu, who featured in the 2004 movie Love In Nepal.