Total Siyapaa Music Review

Boxoffice Results

  1. INR 69.28 Cr.
  2. INR 6.26 Cr.
  3. INR 40.00 Cr.
  4. INR 24.63 Cr.
  5. INR 3.72 Cr.


By Tulsi, News Network

A romcom movie about Yami Gautam playing the Punjabi kudi, Ali Zafar as her Pakistani lover, Kiran Kher at her best as the over-dramatic mother, and Anupam Kher as the crazy father – Total chaos (the tagline of the movie) indeed! The movie releases on March 7, 2014.Ali Zafar is the music director and singer of all songs, which is relatively reflected in the album.

Total Siyapaa

The title track of Total Siyapaa it has hilarious lyrics and great music. The song pretty much explains the story of the movie, or at least the gist of it! Kiran Kher’s funny dialogues in the middle of the song give it a very “Maa da Laadla” (Dostana) feel, which did quite great! I see no reason why this would not.

Palat Meri Jaan

A beautiful courtship song that flatters, pursues, and flirts (sometimes a bit too much). The guitar piece is the cherry on top. A nice number for the mushy lovers.

Nahi Maloom

At first it sounds like a hangover song, but the track is about the madhouse that a boy is stuck in when he goes to meet the girl’s family! Without the video, the song is really boring, but otherwise it’s oddly amusing. In this song Farida Parvaiz accompanies Ali Zafar in the singing.


Asha is the girl’s name, and the song is therefore, naturally, a dedication to her. Cute, peppy, romantic, and funny… My favorite song of the album!

Chal Buleya

A lovely song that speaks of a world without cast, religion, and “I”. The only serious song in the movie, and a very touching one. Perhaps gives a deeper meaning to the otherwise comical plot.

Very Ali Zafar. Overall an entertaining album that makes you look forward to the movie.