Music Review: Shaadi Ke Side Effects

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By Tulsi, News Network

Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Starring handsome Farhan Akhtar, boombastic Vidya Balan, and the comical Vir Das, Shaadi Ke Side effects is a complete storage of romance and comedy. All three are excellent actors with superb comic timings and on-screen chemistry. As the title suggests, the movie is on the side effects of marriage, and would be a hilarious watch for to-be-married couples, just-married couples, married couples, or any couple! I know it’s just the beginning of the year and I may be speaking too soon, but Shaadi Ke Side Effects is not just the most awaited romcom of the year, but probably also the most awaited music album! And it doesn’t disappoint!

Harry’s Not A Brahmachari

The first track of the album starts of with the very well-known nagin tune, hinting the vibe of the movie. The track is a funky fusion of folk and techno music, along with some rap. It’s a complete Punjabi blast and the lyrics are funny. I must admit though, that the video would probably be more entertaining than the song. The singers are Jazzy B, Divya Kumar and the rap is by Ishq Bector.

I’m Sorry Par Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya

Also referred to as “the Hey song”, this number is all lovey dovey, with imaginary heart-shaped balloons popping around you and slow-motion twirling. The song, sung very well by Nikhil Paul George and Neeti Mohan, is cute, fresh and hummable. The instrumentals are really nice, and the violin piece is the cherry on the cake!

Tauba Main Vyaah Karke Pachtaya

This song is pretty much a sequel of the most popular song – Pappey pyaar karke pachtaya – of this movie’s first part (Pyaar Ke Side Effects), and it is as awesome as the first one, if not better! It starts the same way, but the music slows down and changes tune. The theme is still the same, and the lyrics are absolutely hilarious! The song has beats of the old song as well as the famous shaadi tune throughout. Nothing can say “GAME OVER” better than this song! The singers Shahid Mallya, Poorvi Koutish and Alam Gir Khan have done an excellent job pulling this song off.

Desi Romance

This track is simply awesome! The song starts with a classical tone and touch and the beautiful and unique voice of Suchi, and slowly the song starts developing strong modern beats in the background. Arijit Singh’s romantic voice joins Suchi. Towards the middle, the song suddenly yet smoothly turns into a party song with trippy house music. It’s complete fusion! Very different to the ears, great lyrics, and you will love over and over again. It’s probably the best number of the album, but then you cannot really tell, as the album is packed with such superb songs.

Yahaan Vahaan

A heart-break, guilt-trip song sung by Farhan Akhtar himself. It is probably more heart-felt because the actor himself sings the song, giving more depth and emotions to the song. Beautiful.

Bawla Sa Sapna

This number by Mohit Chauhan is a story about a dream – Sid’s (Farhan Akhtar) dream. It has cute lyrics that at first seem casual, but as the song continues, you may realize that it has got more depth and meaning than you first would have thought. It has a dreamy instrumental piece that suits the song perfectly well. I would say though, that the song is a bit too long, and it get’s difficult to follow the story.

Ahista Ahista

Another heartbreak song by Farhan Akhtar. This song is sung so beautifully, where Farhan’s voice is predominantly the most important part of the song, along with the subtle yet strong lyrics. The instrumentals are very low key, and yet give a dramatic support to the songs vocals. The song describes loneliness very, very well – it is probably the “quietness” of the song that adds to this intensity.

Overall oh so hilarious and addictive! This album advocates anti-marriage depression in the most humorous manner, just like what’s expected out of it. After hearing the songs, you just cannot wait for the movie to release. Hoot hoot!