Movie review: film will die, Revolver Rani will live on!

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Sometimes the characters die and film lives on. In some cases, the film dies, the character lives on. Sai Kabir's directorial debut Revolver Rani falls in the latter category. This Tigmanshu Dhulia's production venture is nothing, but the celebration of undying spirit of Revolver Rani played by Kangana Ranaut -- who is as aggressive as she is vulnerable. The film in the entirety fails, but not Revolver Rani, who's not only larger than life, but larger than the film itself.

Spoilers ahead
Alka Singh loses elections to Uday Bhan Singh in Chambal, who uses corrupt practices to rise. Her sole agenda is now to expose Uday Bhan Singh in front of the public and emerge victorious. She succeeds in doing that. But then, she falls in love, and her priorities change.

Revolver Rani is supposed to be a masala movie but it is also intended to be a black comedy. The only trouble is that the masses might not be able to appreciate this dark comedy, and critics will not exactly fall in love with the film because of its numerous flaws.

So is the film worth your while? We give you both the sides.

The high points
Kangana Ranaut's comic timing and her attitude: Till now, we knew her as tragedy queen but we didn't know she has a knack for comedy. She surprises with her perfect comic timing and leaves us in splits when she says - Hume nahi jaana jail mein, Chamcham (her boyfriend played by Vir Das) aaya hua hai or Hum kahin nahi jaa rahe hai, murga pel liya hai, neend aa rahi hai.

Her English interview for a news channel reminds us of Amitabh's "walk, talk in English". She is as comfortable in the imported metallic bra, as she's with the nuances of her character, which makes Revolver Rani extremely endearing. Also, her stunts remind us of angry young men of 60 and 70s (read Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra etc).
Breaking of sterotypes, quite literally:  It's not the first time a Bollywood heroine has stepped into the zone of a Bollywood hero. Rekha in Bhrashtachar is the hero of the movie. Vidya Balan in Kahaani carries the film on her shoulders and performs stunts with aplomb. And if you go further in the past, Fearless Nadia's stunts are still unmatched.
Revolver Rani completely upturns the gender roles. It's interesting to watch Revolver Rani barging into the scene with two guns to rescue her boytoy (Vir Das) or for that matter Alka telling her boy that he should forget about his career and focus on the baby. It is something we haven't experienced in Indian cinema.

The climax: It's the strongest point of the film. It shows the real mettle of its lead protagonist. At this point in the film, Alka is not in her best of health. Yet, when she's surrounded by her enemies, she pounces on them like a tigress and survives even a blast. Salute to her spirit!

The low points
The beginning: Beginning of a film and its climax are equally important. The starting is a little too stretched and leaves us yawning.

The story: It's jaded and done to death. Nothing new there. In fact, the film would have worked better if it narrated the fables of Revolver Rani, instead of her journey.

Second half: There are some sub plots (Hint: Rohan's shaadi with a Muslim girl) that could either have been avoided or should have been cut short.  Also the romantic sequences of Coco (Kangana) and Chamcham did not really work in the favour of the film.

Apart from Revolver Rani, the character of Balli Mama played by Piyush Mishra is also impressive.
Special mention
Background score of the film is as memorable as the character of Revolver Rani. It will continue to haunt you for at least a week.
Overall, if you are planning to watch Revolver Rani for Kangana, go ahead. If you are looking for a complete package, you can give it a miss.