Hansal names Ram-Leela in RTI

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New Delhi, Jan. 23 -- Director Hansal Mehta has locked horns with the Censor Board, accusing it of being discriminatory against his film, Shahid (2013). In a rare instance, a director has filed an RTI with CBFC asking why Madras Cafe and Ram-Leela were not given an A-certificate, despite having kissing and violent scenes, while his film got an A-certificate.    

Mehta took to twitter on Tuesday to vent out his anger. "Filed a RTI about U/A certificate to Ram-Leela. Next :Madras Cafe. Have nothing against Ram Leela and Madras Cafe. It is about CBFC discriminating against my film," he tweeted. Explaining the reason for naming these two films, Mehta also tweeted, "Madras Cafe has scenes of violence and these are quite graphic. Yet it was granted a U/A certificate. What was so violent about #shahid? (sic)"    

Meanwhile, other filmmakers say Mehta has done the right thing. "I agree with Hansal. I wish the directors' association and other bodies stood up for us and we were not left alone to fight our battles," says director Sudhir Mishra. Director Onir feels it is time to do away with censorship and have a more democratic grading system in place. "I fully support Hansal and his cause. We should have done this long ago," says Onir.    

Though Censor Board chief, Leela Samson, refused to comment, but in response to Mehta's RTI, the board said, "The scenes of kissing and action (in Ram-Leela) were allowed with parental guidance. Thus, we decided to give a 'U/A' certificate."