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Movie review: Pizza is scary but lacks the element of surprise..

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Plot synopsis: Kunal (Akshay Oberoi) is a pizza delivery boy who does not believe in spirits but has a wife who writes horror stories and is a believer. At one of his delivery points, Kunal encounters something that not only changes his beliefs but also his life.

UTV Spotboy did not go into a publicity blitz for Akshay Akkineni's directorial debut Pizza 3D. Interestingly, the movie is a decent one, despite lack of star faces and promotions.

Shot in 3D, a horror film sans any sleaze comes as a welcome change from horrex (an unholy marriage of horror and sex genre) films that we have been seeing of late. The story does get a little unbelievable at points but it mostly works.

As for performances, Oberoi carries off the part of a person who doesn't give a damn with aplomb. So does his boss, played by Rajesh Sharma. Only Parvathy fails to match them in terms of performance. Her accent is too forced and she comes across as someone who's trying hard to fit into the role.


The climax sequence leaves the audiences wondering if they have been fooled. To some extent, it adds to the fun value in this otherwise intense horror drama, but mostly it seems illogical and unreasonable.

Sample a dialogue that adds to the fun element of the film. "Machchar hoga bhoot nahi, khoon peeta hai!" says Kunal when his wife tells him about a blood-drinking spirit.

The film manages to scare audiences with its 3D technique and its surprise element. However, other than those few moments, the story is predictable.

Watch it if you love scary movies that come with a few laughs.