Manikarnika - Queen of Jhansi Music Review

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By Namrata,

Kangana Ranaut is finally gearing up to grace the big screen with her highly anticipated war drama Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

The film, which is partly directed by the talented actress herself, is releasing just before the Republic Day on January 25. 

While Manikarnika has been in the news majorly for not so good reasons, the trailer which released last month was praised by many on social media. The star cast recently unveiled the music of the film and also released the first song. So let’s check out what music composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have dished out this time around.

The first track of the album is Vijayi Bhava mainly sung by Shankar Mahadevan. The song starts off with beautiful, soft music and then goes on to be a patriotic number with some stunning visuals. The lyrics, penned by Prasoon Joshi, however fail to make a solid impact. The part where you hear Vijayi Bhavi is fantastic but other than that the song keeps falling flat in-between. As a patriotic number, Vijayi Bhava doesn’t pack a punch in your face as should. Shankar Mahadevan, as always, is good with the singing part. His voice will instantly grab your attention but the sad part is that it won’t hold your attention till the end unless you really want to hear the song. Overall, Vijayi Bhava is a decent track and worth listening once. Also, watch the video because that way you might end up liking the song more than otherwise.

Second song on the list is Bharat which again is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and written by Prasoon Joshi. This one is a slow track as compared to Vijayi Bhava but I liked it more because I could feel the lyrics and the music. The composers have also infused inspiring shayaris in-between the song throughout to stir up the patriotic feelings. But after a point it does get too much considering Bharat is a four minute long number. Yes, it’s a really long song and slow paced which may not work in its favour. Overall, Bharat has a good feel to it and if you have a lot of time in your hand than do hear it. There is one more version of the song sans the shayari sung by Mahadevan and it’s much better than the first one. It’ slow but exudes certain sense of calmness and also the patriotic feel doesn’t seem forced. So if you like songs which are mellow and about desh bhakti then the second version of Bharat would be an apt song for you to hear. 

Next is Bolo Kab Pratikar Karoge crooned by Sukhwinder Singh. Unlike the earlier two songs, this one is high on tempo and dhol beats but still failed to engage me thoroughly. Again it’s more like a patriotic song which I understand is the theme of the film and hence the music as well. But not all the songs in the album have to be on the similar lines I feel. Also, such songs are fun to hear while watching the movie as they help in creating the atmosphere needed to carry forward the story. So you can hear this song if you want or just wait till you watch the film. It won’t make much of a difference. 

Then we have Shiv Tandav once again sung by Shakar Mahadevan. This one I believe is my favourite song from the album. It’s upbeat, fast paced and has beautiful lyrics along with Mahadevan’s voice which is the perfect combination to get me hooked to a song. I was cued in from the word go and heard it twice before writing this review. Shankar Mahadevan’s voice is so captivating from the very start that you will end up hearing the track a few times as well. Shiv Tandav is one of those numbers that you love hearing in the morning as they pump you up not only mentally but spiritually too. So obviously add this one to your playlist.

Rajaji, which is technically the sixth in the album, is sung by Pratibha Baghel and Ravi Mishra. It’s a light romantic number which brings in that much-need variety to the otherwise patriotic album. Rajaji is a decent number but not something that will blow your mind you or give you that lovey-dovey feel. It’s a song composed keeping in mind the 1857 era and so it didn’t strike a chord with me. But you guys can hear it once and then decide whether you want the song on your list or not.

Tak Taki is the next song in the album sung by Pratibha Baghel. It’s a slow romantic song and starts off beautifully. The lyrics are meaningful and so is Pratibha’s voice. You may not like the song instantly but Tak Taki will slowly grow on you if you give it time. It’s a very soothing composition and the tune is equally soft and soulful. It’s definitely the surprise element in the album. Personally, I liked Tak Taki and would recommend it as well.

Dankila is the last song and has been voiced by Prajakta Shukre, Shrinidhi Ghatate, Siddharth Mahadevan and Arunaja. It’s an upbeat number with some crazy lyrics that just didn’t excite me as a listener. In fact, I wouldn’t have heard the till the end if I didn’t have to write the review. Maybe the song will make sense while watching the movie but for now I am going stay away from this number and so should you.

While the Manikarnika album has almost 8 songs, which by the way I think is too many, only two of them managed to make an impact – Shiv Tandav and Tak Taki. The rest of the songs are either okay or not worth your time. You can hear them once or twice or while watching the movie but I doubt they will stay on your playlist for long.