Khoobsurat Music Review

Boxoffice Results

  1. INR 9.85 Cr.
  2. INR 16.55 Cr.
  3. INR 17.51 Cr.
  4. INR 6.68 Cr.
  5. INR 73.92 Cr.


By Tulsi, News Network

Khoobsurat stars the self-proclaimed beauty Sonam Kapoor, along with the new and very very hot Fawad Afzal Khan. A romantic comedy, the film releases on 19th September 2014 and is slightly similar to the original Khoobsurat (1980). The film releases under the Walt Disney Pictures and Anil Kapoor Films Company banners.   

1. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai

Great beats, fun lyrics, and the sexy voice of singer Aastha. The rap is by Badshah, who does a perfectly good job at being a wanna-be of Yo Yo. The song is about the outgoing and crazy character of Sonam Kapoor vs. the very sophisticated and classy family of her to-be husband, who she successfully embarrasses at the party. Sonam is highly annoying in the video where she is either doing weird dances or some strange rap moves with even stranger facial expressions. She clearly has tried very hard to play her character which seems very unlike her.

2. Engine Ki Seeti

The second bum song of Bollywood! Obviously, there is a lot of booty shake. The song is fun, funny and quite original! Sung by? Of course the kick-ass Sunidhi Chauhan along with Resmi Sateesh. The video however is quite alright.

3. Baal Khade

Starts with some strange music that makes you wonder what the hell this song is even about. Then it starts, and leaves you even more confused. Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan (Though it really doesn’t sound like her! How good is she???) in folk style. I assume it’s some seductive song; a very eccentric one!

4. Preet

The first thing I noticed about the song is the beautiful, different and innocent voice of Jasleen Kaur Royal. The music is light and the lyrics beautiful. It’s strangely sad but calming.  Never heard something quite like this!

5. Maa Ka Phone

Innovative. The beats are superb and the lyrics are funny! But most importantly, the song is sung so, so well by Priya Panchal Mauli Dave.  It’s quite addictive. The video, again is very annoying, though quite different I must admit. Kirron Kher takes the cake, as always, and probably should have been used more in the video than Sonam Kapoor and Mr. hansome.

6. Naina

Sung by Armaan Malik, this love song is (for a change) quite the common sorts. It’s still wonderful.

A super duper awesome album with every track that has something different to offer! Must must hear.