Kedarnath Music Review

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  2. INR 7.27 Cr.
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By Namrata,

With two releases in December, Sara Ali Khan is going to be the flavour of this month. The gorgeous daughter of Saif Ali Khan and his former wife Amrita Singh is all set to take Bollywood by storm with her talent. Her debut film, Kedarnath, co-starring Sushant Singh Rajput, is set to hit the theatres on December 7. The trailer of the film which released a while back garnered rave reviews and Sara impressed one and all. But what about the music of the film? Is it any good? Let’s check out right away. 

Namo Namo is the first track in the album and it’s sung by Amit Tridevi. It’s a soft, soothing number that you can start your day off listening to. The first time I heard the song, I instantly felt this sense of calmness. And I love such songs. So Namo Namo is definitely my newest go to song in the morning and it should be yours as well. It’s relaxing and a has a bit of spiritual touch too. 

The second track is Qaafirana sung by Arijit Singh and Nikhita Gandhi. It’s a slow romantic number and very pleasing to the ears from the word go courtesy the beautiful lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya and music by Amit Trivedi. Arijit, who has many romantic hits to his credit, has delivered yet again and it’s obviously not surprising. Visually too, the makers have done such a good job shooting this track. Hands down, it’s my favourite song from the album.

Sweetheart is next on the list which is the only peppy song in the album. It’s a fun, dance number that you can easily listen to once or twice. The song has been sung by Dev Negi and overall it’s just okay. I, for sure, didn’t feel like hearing the song again and again. It’s a typical wedding number with beats and quirky lyrics but somehow it didn’t appeal to me. But you guys can give it a try. Or even if you skip it, then that’s okay too. 

The last song of the album is Jaan Nisar which is again a soft, romantic number but a sad one. There are two versions - one sung by Arijit Singh and the other by Asees Kaur. While both the singers have done a fine job crooning this one, I surprisingly loved the version by Asees Kaur a little more. There is a certain kashish in her voice which is hauntingly beautiful. Also, Jaan Nisar is a must, must hear because of Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics. Every word, every line has so much depth that there is no way this song won’t end up on your playlist.

With three solid songs, music director Amit Trivedi and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya have dished a album that’s going to find appease the listeners without a doubt. I am already hooked to Qaafirana and Jaan Nisar and would recommend both the songs to everyone out there and especially those who are in love.