Music Review: Jai Ho

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  2. INR 24.63 Cr.
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By Tulsi, News Network

Jai Ho – The signature Sallu songs

The Sallu-starrer, releasing on 24th January 2014, is a film about fighting corruption and promoting justice. Salman Khan, playing a character called Jai, is an incorruptible wave of honesty and bravery, and the movie itself is expected to create quite a wave in the 2014 box office and top charts. The music album has 6 tracks, all of them very different and still typical to Salman – the intense lover, the brave patriot, and of course, the fun flirt.

Baaki Sab First Class Hai

Pumped up and passionately sung by Wajid, this song describes the state of our nation. The lyrics are interesting – relatable and agreeable to everyone. This song is perfectly suitable for today’s political scenario, where everyone, including new parties, are talking the same language and understanding the need for change. This track also has a remix version, which is surprisingly good.

Tere Naina Maar Hi Daalenge

The second track is a romantic number sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan and Shabab Sabri is slow and boring. The tune sounds rather old-fashioned, and the song is at least 10 years behind of its years.


The Gujratis may want to hide themselves somewhere for a while till this song stops playing on the radio. This song, with Gujrati lyrics plugged in, is fun and hilarious! After Dhinka chika, this is Sallu’s new shockingly absurd yet addictive song. The singer is none other than Himesh Reshammiya, along with Keerthi Sagathia and Palak Muchhal. The remix version has superb dandiya beats and is apt for Navratri 2014. Guaranteed it’s going to be played everywhere.  

Tumko To Aana Hi Tha

A romantic track with the young, sexy voices of Armaan Malik and Marianne D’Cruz. Though this song may be too slow and mushy for some, there is a lot who will enjoy listening to this number, specially the just-fallen-in love ones. The song has a House Mix called Love you till the end, in which the song’s lyrics are in English, and they’re not that great. Though the song is meant to give you an “aww” feeling, it doesn’t. The original one definitely works better.

Naacho Re

This song is a complete fusion of folk, classical and house music. Interesting yet meaningless, this song leaves you with a confused feeling. Besides the different kinds of music that this song is composed with, the lyrics stick to Naacho re and a few lines here and there. Ujjayinee has lent her voice for this song, but you can barely hear her in the mid of all that music.

Jai Jai Jai Jai Ho (Title Track)

The title track is sung by a team of 4 singers (Wajid, Armaan Malik, Brijesh Shandliya and Amal Mallik) and is fiery. It reflects the emotions of the movie. The music is rocking, and the lyrics are inspiring and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

The album is packed with mushy romance, passionate patriotism, and the signature Sallu mad song. Quite love it, but not there yet.