Hichki Music Review

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  2. INR 6.26 Cr.
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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com

Rani Mukherjee is back to impress with her extraordinary acting skills, this time as a teacher with a speech defect. 

Releasing on 23rd March, Hichki is about the journey of Naina and her underprivileged and very mischievous students who give her a hard time to settle in, and how she changes their life. 

Of course it’s a YRF Film, produced by hubby Aditya Chopra. Surely cannot wait for this one. As of now, we have the trailer, which is pretty cool, and the music album, which we’ll explore now.

1. Oye Hichki

The album kicks of with a wonderful life lesson – that everyone has a ‘hichki’. There is always that one thing in life that holds you back, and it’s your call to fight it and go behind your dreams. What seemed like an absolutely average track in the beginning turns out to be a lovely piece. Thumbs up for this one! Sung by Harshdeep Kaur.

2. Madamji Go Easy

Also known as “The Prank Song”, this number is catchy, quirky and silly. The song features Benny Dayal’s voice, but mainly makes up of David Klyton’t Tamil rap. Quite interesting, I know. Lots of things going on here, with quick shifts in tempo and a maintained fun quotient throughout. 

3. Khol De Par

A heart-warming video but a boring soundtrack, this song wants to create an inspiring feeling within the listeners, but doesn’t manage quite yet. Sung by Arijit Singh, this number is just about average. In fact, without the video, it’s absolutely drab. 

4. Teri Dastaan 

In Jasleen Royal’s voice, this song has got an amazing feel to it (which Jasleen Royal track isn’t?) The song is inspiring, fresh, and just lovely. You will sway along with it. 

5. Phir Kya Hai Gam

This one, I like too. This one is meant to be yet another inspiring track, and inspiring or not, it’s got a good feel to it. again In fact, I love the positivity of the song despite the fact that the video shows the difficulties that Naina faces to get herself a job because of her speech defect. It’s probably how she smiles every time and just walks away, no matter what situation she is in. I also love Shilpa Rao’s voice, and added plus to the track. 

6. Soul of Hichki

This is simply another version of the title track “Oye Hichki”, and I definitely like this one more! Love, love, love the music composition. 

7. Naina’s Theme  

The album ends with an instrumental track, dedicated to Naina. It’s breezy and happy, just like the character. 

Overall a pretty warm and relaxed album. Can’t listen to it more than once though, but serves a good support to the film.