Music Review: Heartless

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By Tulsi, News Network

Directed by Shekhar Suman and starring his son Adhyayan Suman, along with Ariana Ayam, the upcoming Bollywood movie Heartless is releasing on 7th February 2014. Inspired by the Hollywood movie Awake, Heartless is about Anesthesia awareness, which is a medical condition in which one can hear and understand what is happening, but cannot move. However, the tracks of the song don’t really bring forward that theme (besides one song),  and the movie seems to revolve more around a love story.  The movie has 7 tracks, of which most are, surprisingly, a good listen.   


The first track by Ash King and Arunima Bhattacharya has some good beats with an Arabic touch. The song has been sung very well, and you may find yourself starting to enjoy the song half way through. However, the song is very forgettable, and the lyrics aren’t too original. The song has a remix version as well, which has some great trance beats!

Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane Mein

Though sung well by Arijit Singh, this song is very depressing and self-beating. It’s slightly odd, and there has been an attempt of depth and intensity. Also, somewhere this song feels like an Atif Aslam track, which gives it a chance to be liked by some people.  The reprise version is quite similar.


This track has the K K magic. The love song is sung well, and has cute lyrics, including the English part. It’s sweet, it’s soothing, and it’s melodious, and it has some sort of freshness about it!

Ishq Khuda

Though the music and tune is nice and calming, it’s overall confusing yet likeable.

The lyrics are original, and the song lends the beautiful voice of Khurram Iqbal. The song does get a little draggy and depressing towards the end.

What A Feeling     

Mohit Chauhan and Sukanya Gosh’s voice make you want to listen to this song again and again. The young and crisp love number gives a tingly feeling. You feel like you’re in love. The instrumentals are very country, and make you want to nod your head along with the peppiness.


The title track (ofcourse), by Mohit Chauhan, Anirudh Bhola and Suzanne Dmello. And Mohit Chauhan never disappoints. The English verse of the number is overdramatic, which kills the seriousness of the song, and they could have really worked on this one! The Hindi lyrics are deep and touching though. The music goes wonderfully well with the intense feel of the song, and the song justifies the intensity of the movie.

Thanks Brother

This song is about brotherhood, friendship, and a patient thanking his doctor for always, well, being there. This song is interesting because it has the famous father and not so famous son sharing the screen as well as singing the song!

A few love numbers and some depressing ones. There is a lot of unnecessary use of English throughout the album, which seems rather pushy and needless! Overall, not bad! You may not immediately tune out, but it will not hold you for too long either.