Don't question Shahrukh Khan's 8-pack abs!

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By Tulsi, News Network

While the world talks about hot men, Shahrukh Khan talks about his new-found 8-pack abs. And he’s doing it everywhere! At the Happy New Year’s promos, the introductory scene of the film, for Hrithik’s Bang Bang Dare, in his work out videos, at interviews, in the Google Headquarters in the USA!

Everybody remembers when Shahrukh came on the screen with his 6 pack abs for Om Shanti Om in Dard-E-Disco. Some even thought they were air-brushed! Now, it’s 8 packs, and with proof! In one of his videos, he has shown step-by-step how he has achieved his 8-pack abs, with details of his work-out regime, and iron pumping and sweat-loving clips.

Whether these are part of the film promotions, a proof that they are real (post Om Shanti Om doubts ands videos that claim that Salman Khan’s abs were air-brushed for Ek Tha Tiger), or SRK just promoting good health and inspiration to the young and old men out there, it’s catching on!

And guess who motivated Shahrukh for all this sweaty sexiness? No one else but the director of Happy New Year, Farah Khan, and co-actress Deepika Padukone! The team has been travelling everywhere to market their film, and entertain everyone! Now that is some smouldering entertainment, we say!

What’s next King Khan? Because we believe you when you say “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!”