Gully Boy Music Review

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By Namrata,

After the smashing success of Simmba, Ranveer Singh is now gearing up for his next release Gully Boy co-starring Alia Bhatt. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, the film’s trailer created a stir on social media and impressed everyone from all quarters. But is the music of the film equally brilliant? Let’s dive into it right away!

The album starts off with Asli Hip Hop which has been written and composed by Spitfire. The rap has been sung by Ranveer Singh and he is bang on when it comes to the rhythm and the overall feel of the song. The lyrics are beautiful and the track is so good that when it’s over, it leaves you wanting for more. There is nothing not to love about Asli Hip Hop. Just add it to your playlist and I am sure you’ll enjoy listening to Ranveer, the rapper!

Next on the list is another rap song again sung by Ranveer himself. This one is titled Apna Time Ayega and it’s an equally engaging and an inspiring composition. Unlike the first song, this one is high on music and beats which is very addictive. Also, the vibe of this song is very different and Ranveer does full justice to bring it across with his rapping skills. This guy is truly talented and there no reason why you shouldn’t listen to Apna Time Ayega that too on Loop.

Then we have the rap song Mere Gully Mein which is sung by Ranveer, DIVINE, Naezy and Sez. This one has a very catchy tune and basically talks about the gullys of Mumbai. It’s a very desi song at heart but super cool and fun to hear at the same time. The lyrics are again very meaningful and the song is even more interesting visually. So make sure you not only download the track but also the video. It’s worth watching time and again.

Fourth on the list is a soulful poem titled Doori. It’s written by Javed Akhtar and Ranveer is the one behind the mic. It’s a small but a wonderful rendition that will touch your heart. So do hear it once especially if you love poetries and shayaris.

The there is Doori the song which is crooned by Ranveer and Rishi Rich. Again, it’s a very meaningful, hard hitting composition about life in Mumbai. The song starts off beautifully with music and from there on you’ll feel a gamut emotions while hearing the track which is penned by Javed Akhtar and DIVINE. Another solid number, I must admit.

And finally we have the Train song which by the way isn’t sung by Ranveer. It actually has Karsh Kale and Raghu Dixit behind the mic. This one is absolutely hatke from all the earlier songs. The lyrics are a mix of Hindi and English which is very refreshing. And also the music by Medival Punditz is quite earthy yet very upbeat. The best way to understand this track is to hear it. It will instantly pep you up and you’ll be hooked to the Train song from the word go. 

Jingostan Beatbox is like a gangster rap number with killer lyrics...quite literally. It’s been sung and composed by Dub Sharma who has done a good job with the vocals. Overall, it’s a decent track but not something that I would like to hear on loop. In fact, it’s the first track from the album that I didn’t listen to the second time. There is another version of this song and it’s not too different or anything extraordinary as well.

Sher Aaya Sher is the next song which is sung by DIVINE and Major C. It’s a good rap number with catchy lyrics but it was the hook line bhaag bhaag bhaag bhaag sher aaya sher that grabbed my attention. And I am still humming that line. Anyway, you may not love this song but it’s still worth hearing once.

Jahaan Tu Chala is a very soothing track sung by Jasleen Royal. The guitar music in the background is a treat to the ears and it’s also the USP of the song. Hear it once and Jahaan Tu Chala will slowly grow on you.

Another rap number sung by Dub Sharma, Azaadi is quite intense with some powerful lyrics. There is a bit of techno music in the song which is very interesting. Also, I totally loved the ending of the song. In a nutshell, Azaadi is inspiring, motivating and quite addictive too.

Kab Se Kab Tak is an unconventional romantic track sung by Vibha Saraf and Ranveer Singh. Once again, the lyrics are bang on and so is Mr Singh with his rap in between. So obviously I am gonna recommend this song to everyone.

Kaam Bhaari is an unusual rap number sung and composed by Kaam Bhaari. Yes, you heard that right. It’s basically about a rapper who thought he would never be able to rap. The music is quite quirky and the rap itself is super fast paced. So there were times when I couldn’t understand the wordings clearly. Should you listen to it? Of course. Will you guys like it? Maybe. I found it pretty okay.

Ek Hee Raasta, which is next on the album, is more like a poetry that has been crooned by Ranveer and written by Javed Akhtar. It’s a heart touching, simple melody which is definitely worth hearing.

Jeene Main Aaye Maza, sung by Ankur Tewari and Mikey McClearly, will take you back in time with its hauntingly beautiful music and magical lyrics. The song has a very 70s vibe to it and that’s really the best part about Jeene Main Aaye Maza. It’s very different from the rest of the songs and the way composers have treated the music, it’s quite unique and invigorating.

Har Gham Mein Khushi Hai is also a rap song but frankly speaking there are so many in the album that by the time you listen to this one, you won’t be as excited or interested in the song. 

Goriye is the second last song on the list and it stands out because it’s the only track which is neither a rap nor a poetry but a typical Bollywood punjabi number. It’s a foot tapping number that you can dance to and let your hair down. In an album full of rap songs, Goriye is like a breath of fresh air.

And finally the album ends with India 91 which is actually the surprise package. It’s a rap song infused with Carnatic music which is as desi as it can get. The lyrics and the music are so perfectly in-sync that it’s brilliant. So just plug in your earphones, listen to the song and be ready to be blown away.

All in all, Gully Boy’s music is one of the best from the recent times. There is hardly any song on the list which is blah or not worth hearing once. Every rap, every poetry is beautiful and has lot of depth. And though all the rap songs may sound the same, they are very very different with various layers. So give this entire album a try and you won’t regret it.