Great Grand Masti Review: Zero sex, zero comedy, zero star

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Great Grand Masti has achieved what thousands of bad films couldn’t.

It’s that one film you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s a master-class in bad filmmaking, and a misuse of freedom of expression.

To call it a film will be an insult to our collective conscience. Masti (2003) and Grand Masti (2013) are no milestones, but even they don’t deserve such a pathetic sequel.

The ‘masti’ boys (yes, that’s what they are called, seriously!) are back to test your nerves.

Amar (Ritesih) has a bungalow to sell and Prem (Aftab) is supposed to help him. Meet (Vivek) also accompanies them to Doodhwaadi, a village where old women talk in innuendos and ghosts look forward to having fun with youngsters. Can it get any more random?

Yes, as the film painfully reveals, it can. It’s a death trap, and you have to pay for your sins.

So, Meet tries to rape Amar’s mother-in-law, and she later makes out with a raunchy godman. That’s not enough for a 122-minute film, so a desperate ghost Raagini (Urvashi Rautela) also jumps into the mud and makes you familiar with the weight on her chest. Literally.

The three men and the ghost gyrate when it’s least needed and keep flaunting their assets and making unfunny ‘cock’, ‘Viagra’ and ‘pussy’ jokes.

Why are you not lol-ing? Are you not that sex starved target audience? Then who makes such films successful?

Great Grand Masti is an effort to degrade us. Wake up because director Indra Kumar is insulting the audience. What he has dished out in the name of a sex-comedy is puerile, utter nonsense and disgusting.

Don’t you dare smile! Even if you do, do it with a sorry face. Who knows, a smile might turn out to be the inspiration for an even greater ‘masti’.

It’s a miracle I have survived.

P.S: I now believe in karma. How would I explain this film otherwise!