The local Razzies!

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Mumbai, April 3 -- These film awards have no star performances, no actors attending them and no red carpet entries. Yet, the Indian versions of the Razzies - which celebrate the worst of Hollywood - are gaining popularity in India.

The Golden Kela Awards have been 'honouring' the worst in Bollywood for six years now. The Ghanta Awards have been doing the same since 2011. And last year, we saw the entry of The Royal Turds, which is a parody of a stereotypical Bollywood film awards function enacted by popular stand-up comics.    

One of the reasons for them to have become popular, apart from tickling funny bones, is their unbiased nominations. For instance, AbbasMustan's Race 2 has been a popular nominee choice for the 'worst' film category, along with Grand Masti and Dhoom: 3. Vivek Oberoi was another preferred choice for his character in Krrish 3. For the worst actress honour, there have been strong contenders - Kangana Ranaut (Rajjo), Priyanka Chopra in (Zanjeer) and Sonakshi Sinha (Bullett Raja and R...Rajkumar).    

Sorabh Pant of comedy collective East India Comedy, which recently concluded The Ghanta Awards, says, "It's around this time of the year when they (Bollywood artistes) generally get the awards, so it's important that we do it now so that people are able to identify with them."    Although there are three different camps hosting their own version of the Razzies, each group believes its awards are different.

Gursimran Khamba, a member of the comic group All India Bakc*** says, "We didn't want to be too specific with our categories, like the Ghanta Awards. We wanted something the audiences easily identified with," he says.    

And how does the industry react to it? Film-maker Mahesh Bhatt says, "Entertainment will always be ridiculed from every possible angle, be it a creative or a moral angle. Having said that, these things are necessary, they tell the industry how things can be improved."