Fukrey Returns Music Review

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

2013’s much-loved comedy film Fukrey’s sequel is back in the form of Fukrey Returns (yes, not much creativity in the title). 
The Fukrey boys – Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh and Ali Fazal, are back with Richa Chadha throwing around lots of swag as always. 
The supporting actresses Priya Anand and Vishakha Singh are also there from the last film, and so are the power-actors Pankaj Tripathi and Rajpal Yadav. The film is slated to release on 8th December, and the expectations are quite high! The trailer is quite fun, but does the music album live up to the original Fukrey’s super-cool songs? Let’s have a look!
1. Mehbooba
The album kicks off with a pretty kickass party mix of the old Mohammed Rafi track “Oh Meri Mehbooba”, with some neat bhangra beats! That is until the rapping by Raftaar starts, of course. Neha Kakkar’s voice is exceptional, just like always, and the male lead singer is Yasser Desai. Unfortunately, the video does not do any good to the number (in fact ruins it), because lots of overacting. 
2. Peh Gaya Khalara
A really awesome Punjabi wedding track in the beautiful, beautiful voice of Jasleen Royal, joined by Divya Kumar, Akasa Singh and Akanksha Bhandari. This song reminds me a little of the Baar Baar Dekho track “Nachde Ne Saare”, don’t you think? Though a lot of “fun” and energy has been attempted, the video is a let down once again, with none of the actors in coordination, energy drops, overacting. Basically a bunch of new, overexcited boys and poker-faced, can’t-act girls. 
3. Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai
Just as the name of the song suggests, this one’s all about bromance. It’s surely got a very casual, real and chilled out feel to it, but honestly it’s quite lame. The singers are Gandhharv Sachdeav and Raftaar. This is the point where I have officially established that I am not a fan of Raftaar! 
4. Ishq De Fanniyar
Finally a romantic number, which is pretty interesting. There are two version of this song – a male version sung by Shaarib and Toshi, and a female version by Jyotica Tangri. Don’t know what this song means? Neither did I, but apparently they’re singing “I am struck by the hooded-snake / King Cobra of love”. Quite intense, I say! Anyway, once again, the lead actors Pulkit Sharma and Priya Anand have zero chemistry, and the video is just a drag. I
5. Fukrey Returns
The title track is catchy and a fun listen, though it definitely doesn’t beat the original Fuckrey title track! Siddhart Mahadevan, Shannon Donald and Gulraj Singh have lent their voices for the title track. Not much else to say about this one. 
6. Raina
And then there is the heartbreak song, this one in the voice of Shree D (ordinary), which gets really depressing half way through the number. I had serious trouble making it till the end of the song. 
7. Bura Na Mano Bholi Hai
Gandhharv Sachdeav and Shahid Mallya close the song with this extra-Punjabi number that sort of describes cat-and-mouse plot of the movie. By this time, this album becomes an absolute overdose, and so does the word “Fukrey”. Time to say “enough”! 
An unfortunate album that starts off on a high and ends on a below average. The entire music album is a Punjabi mix, which is usually awesome, but this one becomes repetitive due to lack of creativity.