Review: Fugly takes from too many films and spoils them all

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Plot synopsis: Dev, Devi (Kiara), Gaurav (boxer Vijender) and Aditya (Arfi) are a bunch of carefree friends whose life is turned upside down when they are pushed into the big, bad world outside their college. The 'awesome' foursome decide to take on the corrupt system and a hypocrite society.

Rang De Basanti, Shaitan, Highway-director Kabir Sadanand seems to be inspired by almost every movie he has seen in the last ten years!

Based in the national capital, the film opens with scenes highlighting the corruption and evils plaguing our society -- from leching men on the streets to corrupt cops... we see them all. The flashpoint comes when Mohit tries to immolate himself in front of India Gate. The story begins in flashback after he is rescued and admitted to a hospital.


What's Fugly about the movie?
In which Indian city, do the cops take an injured person to the casualty of a private hospital? And the brand of Fortis is so forcibly fed to the audience that you would know it's a brand partner even if you missed the initial credits.

Also, how do you get inside the ICU of a hospital, interview a critically injured person and yet not have a camera to support what you are reporting? Yes, that's how Mohit narrates his story - to a reporter with just a mike and no camera or any recording device whatsoever visible around,  inside the ICU.

In all kinds of stereotypes, the films shows reporters asking questions like 'Aapko Jal ke kaisa lag raha hai?' (How do you feel after being burnt?). At one point, boxing champion Vijender Singh says 'Amrica saare fasaad ki jad hai' (America is the root of all problems in our country).

In short, Fugly is nothing but ten years added to Rang De Basanti, only that the Aamir Khan-starrer was much better. Sure its intentions are noble, but somewhere the implementation has gone awfully wrong. Right from the opening scene in front of India Gate to the friends fighting with Vijender (a minister's son) for the immunity he enjoys, it's a no-brainer that Fugly is RDB rerun. You can even draw parallels: Vijender and Siddharth, Aditya and Sharman and likewise.

And to sort of complete the comparison, there is even a mention of how Aditya does not want to die a virgin. Remember Sharman regretting not getting married before he dies?

Now, add a bit of Shaitan to this plot: four friends, one wrong decision to get out of a sticky situation, only to land in more of it!

And then you have the climax, Highway style. Kiara is seen happily fulfilling Mohit's dream after his death.

As for acting, no one except Jimmy seems to be even trying to act. Shergill, who is otherwise quite convincing in roles of corrupt cops, seems out of place in his forced Haryanavi accent.

The only saving grace is some of his witty dialogues and Vijender Singh's natural self. In places where Vijender needs to be the character, it is just not convincing.

If intentions were the parameters, Fugly could have been one of the top contenders in the race. But sadly, the movie fails at almost every other parameter. And, if you plan to watch the film for the Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar song, be warned. The song is not there in the film, not even in end credits!

We go with half a star, and even this half is for the socially relevant message the film tries to showcase.