Ek Paheli Leela: This is just a Sunny Leone saga..

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The wait is over, and well worth every moment spent yearning to see Bollywood's most talked about sizzler, Sunny Leone, on screen for the fourth time. If Jism 2, Jackpot and Ragini MMS2 were any indication of the heat quotient she is able to whip up, director Bobby Khan's Ek Paheli Leela amps it up many notches.

And here's the double whammy: You have two of her -- as Leela and Meera -- in this period thriller. Sadly, Sunny Leone is all over the movie. To the point that all other actors seem to be clueless about what's happening in the frames. In fact, to encash on Leone's glamour, Bobby Khan has messed up the film to a level where it is difficult to decode whether you are supposed to look for a story among the songs or the songs themeselves are the plot!

Ek Paheli Leela travels back and forth in time, and is shot in some of the most exotic locales ranging from Mumbai to London to Jodhpur. That, and no surprises here, Khan's smitten with one of the most attractive women currently in Hindi films is more than evident in the fact Sunny's there in almost every frame of the film.

And before we end, a word of appreciation for two men -- Jay Bhanushali and Jas Arora -- who've practically risked going completely unnoticed in this film. In short, yes, they struggle to be noticed, and it is more than evident. Ek Paheli Leela is like a second chance for Bhanushali whose previous films Hate Story 2 and Desi Kattey bombed at the box office. Jas Arora is also on the screen after a long time.