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Bombay Velvet Music Review

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By Tulsi, News Network

The Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar starrer! This film is Karan Johar’s debut film in acting, and he is definitely the most interesting part of the film! The film is set back in the days when Bombay sounded like this:

1. Aam Hindustani
An interesting jazz composition that starts really slow and then picks up pace. But it becomes boring and repetitive way too quickly. You’d want to change the song before the singing even starts! And once she starts singing, you just want to kill yourself for waiting for so long!

2. Mohobbat Buri Bimari
This track is the most popular one of the whole album! It has many versions, and all of them are really boring! But this song is still the best one of all.

3. Ka Kha Gha
The song is sung and composed really well, but the lyrics are really lame!

4. Dhadaam Dhadaam
Another beautifully sung song, and yet its lyrics are horrible! It’s almost good until she says “dhadaam dhadaam”. It’s almost there, but it misses the niceness of jazz.  

5. Naak Pe Gussa
I kind of like this one. The lyrics are cute, and for once there are more words than music.

6. Sylvia
Sort of entertaining!

7. Darbaan
The first male voice in the album, which makes it quite refreshing! Otherwise, just another song of the album. Sung well.

8. Shut Up
This is one crazy, crazy song!

9. Behroopiya
This is definitely more of a desi sounding jazz number! And a kick-ass one that too! The best song of the album according to me. Finally something I actually enjoyed listening!

10. The Bombay Velvet Theme
The theme song, of course. Nothing to say about it.

11. Conspiracy
The music track is as thrilling as its intense title! No vocals.

12. Tommy Gun
Finally the last song! This one too is an intense musical piece.

Way too much jazz for my taste, and the songs are way, way too long! Makes me wonder if all Anushka does is sing jazz songs on the stage! But it definitely is quite intriguing though.