Priyanka stands up for Bajirao Mastani against Shiv Sena!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Priyanka Chopra is one bold actress who isn’t afraid to speak up for what she believes in. Eventhough she hasn’t been present for most of Bajirao Mastani’s promotions, she has defended the film time and again against all criticism.

Last time it was the Peshwa’s that she had a message for. And this time it’s Shiv Sena!

Shiv Sena took the Peshwa’s opinion of the film disrespecting the original Rao a little further and said that the film is vulgar and offends the Maharashtrian community and Maratha history, and should not be allowed to be released!

Well, here’s Priyanka’s take on it, and it damn well makes sense.

“For me, whatever I have done is completely and absolutely going by Bhansali’s vision. The film is based on a book and the book is inspired by the life of a legend from the 1700s. It is entirely a director’s vision and prerogative about how he wants to present a particular story. And that’s what happens in a democratic country. How are we to say what Bajirao’s personality was in his personal life? How do we know he didn’t dance, smile or didn’t express happiness in his private life? We have to allow a director’s vision and imagination to portray what he thinks could have happened. We must just see it as nothing but the cinematic vision of an extremely prolific filmmaker.”

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have stayed away from all of the controversies revolving around the film. But not Peecee!

No wonder Sanjay Leela Bhansali says that it’s Priyana Chopra’s film, and that she’s very much the main lead, even though Kashibai’s name is not their in the film’s title.