I'm a born poet: 'Baahubali' writer

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New Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) "Baahubali" writer Manoj Muntashir describes himself as a "born poet", but says coming out with a book was a scary experience.

"I am a born poet. So the idea of getting the collection published was always on the cards. But it was scary to have a book published and distribute the signed copies as a gift," Muntashir told IANS. 

He has come out with his new book "Meri Fitrat Hai Mastana".

"We don't value anything we don't pay for. I wanted to wait until there is enough hunger for my writing. I have dedicated followers on social media thanks to my songs, many of which are love anthems for this generation. My non-film shayaris are very popular in youth as I keep performing them in colleges and lit-fests. 

"Since the last two years, every day I have witnessed a steep demand of all my poetry compiled in one book. When I became confident of the fact, that I have enough readership ready to buy my book, I decided to go for it."

Looking back at the journey of creating the book, he said: "It was like travelling through the vast stretches of joy, ecstasy, heartbreak, pain, surrender and ultimately accomplishment. I believe in love like a child believes in magic. The best thing that we will ever experience as human beings, is to love and be loved back. Even love lost is a delight, at least it converted a pumping set under your chest to a beating heart. My book is a saga of romance and separation. It celebrates both."