Authentic is what I aspire to be: 'Andhadhun' actor Rashmi Agdekar

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Mumbai, Feb 20 (IANS) Actress Rashmi Agdekar says the biggest challenge in her career is not "really trying to fit" in. "I think the biggest challenge for me is not really trying to fit in. Authentic is what I aspire to be," Rashmi told IANS.

The actress, who was last seen in "Andhadhun", is seen as Chhavi in MX Original "ImMature".

Talking about how things changed after "Andhadhun", she said: "Fortunately, after 'Andhadhun', interesting roles and scripts are coming my way. But I haven't signed anything yet. Lets see how things work out after 'ImMature'. I cannot wait to discover more of me as an actor."

Rashmi Agdekar says she loves thrillers "but would like to be part of any and every genre that offers a good script and an important part for me". 

"ImMature" is a quirky series that tells the tale of the many ‘firsts' experienced in high school through the lens of three young boys: the eager to grow up Dhruv (Omkar Kulkarni), the wannabe bad-boy Kabir (Chinmay Chandraunshuh) and the colour-blind but doesn't-know-it Susu (Visshesh Tiwari). It streams on MX Player. 

On the show, she said: "Our writer Abhishek Yadav and director Prem Mistry have put together all these incidents into a sweet story, which is highly relatable with innocence being it's core."