Mothers make men realise how precious wives are: Akshay Kumar


Actor Akshay Kumar feels that women – mothers and wives – play an immense role in every man’s life. Today, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the actor takes time out to discuss what this day means to him and why his wife, Twinkle, is responsible for the success of his family.
While you're away shooting, Twinkle plays the key role in the upbringing of your kids. What do you want to tell her on Mother's Day?
I want to tell her that the success of our family has always lain in her hands. It was never my success as a man, or as anything else for that matter. It is because Tina (Twinkle) has dedicated the last decade of her life to the best thing in both our lives – our children.
She lives every minute of her life for them, while I only work every minute I’m not with them.
As a father, what do you think is the importance of a mother in a child’s life?
A father’s role is very different from a mother’s. Yes, it is hard to be without them even for a day, but the truth is, the first 17 years of a child’s life are dependent almost entirely on their mother. And it’s around that very age that your first-born finally turns to you as an adult and becomes your friend; looks at you as a mentor rather than a know-it-all and then finally wants to be a part of your world rather than you needing to be a part of theirs. But it is a mother’s life that should be worshipped, appreciated and never forgotten even for a day. It’s mothers that make all men’s lives successful; its mothers that make men realise how precious our wives really are.
What are your special memories with your mom? Does Aarav do anything special for Twinkle on this day?
Mother’s Day for me is like most other days – a panic to ensure that all the women in my family are happy. We always make it a nice day, though. I stopped making homemade cards for my mother a while ago, but Aarav still puts his heart and soul into making them for Tina. I tend to have breakfast and play a game of Ludo with my mom and sister, and then I watch my son make something cute for his mom. He’s very good at making Tina feel special.
My part is very easy. I take everyone out for dinner and pick up the bill. But I truly feel that the best thing anyone can do is to treat them (mothers) like it’s Mother’s Day every day. That’s just it. Moms don’t stop being amazing for even a day, so why should we stop being grateful? Happy Mother’s Day for life, mom!