Monica Belluci might 'give Bollywood a shot'


By Hindustan Times
Monica Bellucci was once said to be considering the role of Sonia Gandhi for a biopic on the UPA chief’s life. But after the untimely death of filmmaker Jagmohan Mundhra last September, the project was scrapped. Now, it looks as though the Italian actor’s first visit to India will most probably be
for a vacation.
“I would love to come to India for a holiday. It is such a lively country. I have heard such good things about its festivals; its rich culture and its delicious food and I would specially like to come down to see the beautiful and the much talked about Taj Mahal,” says Bellucci.
The 47-year-old actor says she’s too caught up with international projects at the moment to consider anything else. “I am packed with many Hollywood projects right now, but I would be keen to give it (Bollywood) a shot only if the script appeals to me,” she says.
Unlike several of her Hollywood co-stars, including actor Keanu Reeves whom she worked with in the hit franchise The Matrix, Bellucci knows no Bollywood names to drop. “I haven’t met any indian actors till now, but I have heard about a few,” she says.
In fact, the actor confesses that she hasn’t even watched a Bollywood movie either. But, adds that she’s heard a lot about them. “I’ve heard you have many songs and dances in the movies. I would like to watch a good Bollywood movie with subtitles.”
Bellucci’s latest film, The Whistleblower, hit theatres last week, and the actor’s performance in the film has been critically acclaimed. “It’s an important and powerful and moving story that needed to be told,” says the actor, adding she’s proud of being a part of such a film.
The film also stars actor Rachel Weiz, but Bellucci says there were no prima donna problems on the set between the two.
“It (the atmosphere) was very nice and I was thrilled to work with her, She is a very kind and good souled lady. So, yes, I had a great time working with Rachel,” she says.