Mixed reaction for PC's Exotic teaser


New Delhi, July 2 -- The recently released teaser of actor-singer Priyanka Chopra's second single, Exotic, has garnered mixed reactions from music lovers. While some have said they can't wait to watch the full video, others have slammed it.
"She looks hot, mysterious and sensuous! Can't wait for this video to release," wrote Nabby H on an online forum. A comment by another user, anon1 read: "Honestly, this is so sexy. I don't understand how people are hating this!" However, others such as anon123 wrote, "She sucks big-time in the video. She's too artificial."
Another user, anon3 shared, "Really shallow ... music for the masses. She's playing it safe. Leave the mic, Priyanka."
The audio of the song was leaked online, to which PC had tweeted: "Ok... so... my new single 'Exotic' has been leaked! I should be angry but I'm actually quite relieved & happy to share it with you all." Soon after, the single was officially released on June 21