Minnisha Lamba: What's in a bikini..


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Aug. 23 -- My maid Munni has decided to end the day for me today. She says that Minnisha Lamba, after exposing so much in all her previous movies barring her debut movie, refused to wear a bikini for Hum Tum Shabana. It was for a specific sequence in the movie that couldn't be snipped out of the movie.
So director Sagar Bellary, not willing to take No for answer or agreeing to chop the scene from the movie, approached model Pia Trivedi and she hopped into the bikini and said yes in a minute. The girl makes her entry in Bollywood in a two-piece swim wear. The scene has been altered a bit but no one's really cribbing except for one person. Classic case of sau chuhe khaa ke billi chali haj ko! Such is life dearies!