Mallika Sherawat: This is the loneliest phase of my life


Mumbai, April 24 -- Mallika Sherawat became a familiar name in 2004 with Mahesh Bhatt's Murder. Thereafter, she earned several tags - of a sex symbol; and a woman not afraid to speak her mind, to the point of being brash.
Her Bollywood career, meanwhile, floundered, due to bad film choices and cameos. The Jackie Chan-starrer, The Myth (2005), was touted as her Hollywood breakthrough, but didn't make waves. Her own production, Hisss (2010), flopped too.
Now, after inhabiting the fringes of Bollywood for a decade, Mallika is set to make her television debut. A TV channel has bought the rights to the American show, The Bachelorette. The Indian version will star Mallika and be called The Bachelorette India - Mere Khayalon ki Mallika.
This isn't a swayamvar, and Mallika isn't husband hunting. She will, however, be looking for love. But surely, being an actress, she must have men running after her? "That's the perception. People think if she's a successful actor, there won't be a dearth of men," says Mallika. "Maybe some men think she might have someone in her life; others are intimidated... This is the loneliest phase of my life. I really want someone. It's something a working woman can relate to - you don't always find the right guy in your work sphere." Mallika is looking for "intelligence, success and integrity in a guy". She will be involved in choosing and rejecting guys on the show.
"Rejection is such a harsh word. I have faced it on so many levels. I don't want that word to be used," she says, refusing to talk about her reported divorce. Currently, the actor is also shooting for KC Bokadia's film, Dirty Politics.